the BPA pill 

Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, is the great unknown threat to western civilization. More dangerous than demographic shifts, Islam, or even the dreaded THOT, it is set to become the most important political issue of our age. At over 6 billion pounds produced per year it is most ubiquitous plasticizer used on earth. It’s xenoestrogens find their way into your body from the of plastic products you use every day. Bisphenol A is in everything, from your plastic bottle of glistening filtered spring water, to the catheter you’ll use once the toxins from BPA turn cells in your prostate cancerous. Did someone hand you a receipt today? Hopefully you had not recently sterilized your hands with that little bottle of congealed rubbing alcohol you have in the car. Ten thousand times more BPA just leeched into your bloodstream because you used hand sanitizer before touching that thermal paper receipt. If that wasn’t already enough, just remember that it’s in your kid’s milk bottle, your toothbrush, your dental implants and fillings, and your Tupperware lunch container that you microwaved earlier. Bisphenol A is It is the cause of your depression, your low T, your man tits. BPA will be the downfall of civilization that no one sees coming.


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